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My journey into the world of yoga and motion

After exactly 10 years of full-time professional life, I have now realized one of my absolute lifelong dreams. I am allowed to take a 6-month travel sabbatical. This travel time-out was the impetus for my website - eMOTION experience. Content are experiences especially now related to my great journey. A special focus and therefore the play on words - eMOTION - is the topic sports/movement. I love to do sports in my everyday life and would like to integrate them on my travels as well. Since I am absolutely not social media-savvy and also not a professional photographer, please do not have any expectations of a classic travel blog with perfectly staged pictures and incredibly thoughtfully formulated articles. I'm traveling to experience things - I like to write them down to let the experiences pass in review for me, too, or to store them for me. But I do not want to do a full-time travel blogger job - so my texts very direct and blunt as I experienced things with courage to the gap.  I want to share my travel experiences with family, friends and anyone else who is interested. Maybe one or the other article will inspire you for your next trip or motivate you to integrate more movement into your life. Anyway, I wish you a good experience on my website!

Meine gelben Laufschuhe und ich
Strandzugang auf Kho Phi Phi
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